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    School of Social Work East Campus Planning Charrette

    May 14, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

    On May 14, 2019, the Master Development Team met with the Howard University School of Social Work staff to introduce the proposed project as directed by Dr. Frederick of the East Campus redevelopment. The meeting was conducted on Howard University’s main campus at 11 am in the Dean’s Conference Room.
    More than 20 staff members, including the Dean of School of Social Work, Dr. Sandra Edmonds Crewe participated in the ideation session and shared their thoughts on the reimagination of the East Campus. The discussion focused on space utilization, training, and research needs and community amenities on the site.
    Building a top-notch research facility, developing student and faculty housing and forming a social service private practice were all core ideas that came from the discussion and fit well within the school’s mission of enhancing the social well-being of Africans within the Diaspora and their global community.
    The School of Social Work’s goal of a new training and research facility could provide more funding opportunities for students to produce research, which examines African-American and other diverse populations, as well as new revenue opportunities for the school.
    Providing mixed-income housing with a blend of market-rate and affordable units was a priority to many participants as it allows the School of Social Work to attract an array of graduate students. This will support the school’s mission while enhancing its training in private practice, community and residential services fields to help underserved populations. The faculty envisions more public and private funding becoming available to facilitate these social services.
    Additional considerations for the SOW’s public amenities is the leasing to a social work private practice group, which could provide apprenticeship training for students and entrepreneurial experience. Leasing office space to social services professionals on the East Campus provides students with various training opportunities and produces a potential profit center for the University.
    All recommendations from the School of Social Work will be considered during the planning process and open dialogue will continue among University stakeholders.

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