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    ANC 5B02 Webex SMD Meeting

    March 11, 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

    In an ongoing effort to remain transparent inclusive in its redevelopment efforts, the University and the Master Development team engaged in an SMD meeting hosted by Commissioner Ursula Higgins of ANC 5B02. The virtual meeting was attended by over 70 individuals and the collective aim during that meeting was to reiterate the University’s commitment to its goals in redeveloping the site, and to eliminate any ambiguity or running narratives surrounding site progress or perceived advancement of plans. The University confirmed that in 2020, given the impacts of COVID, the University paused in its planning efforts for the site in consideration for overall public health and university priorities. The university also confirmed that there were no pending zoning applications at the time and confirmed that it continues to evaluate its options for the site. The university reiterated that once plans are developed and the University decides to move forward, the University and Master Development team will present its plans to the community and collect feedback prior to advancement of any zoning applications. Below is a list of Questions and Answers from the meeting.

    QA from March 2021 ANC5B SMD Meeting vF

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