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    Phase I

    In the Summer of 2018, Howard University’s master development team, FLGA ZOM, LLC, oversaw intensive site due diligence activities prior to initiating a formal re-imagining and planning process. The goal of these activities was to provide a clear and objective assessment of the site and its suitability to guide future planning efforts.

    Certain due diligence activities that occured included site surveying,environmental and property condition assessment, and geotechnical exploration. While no construction occurred, community members may have observed certain exploratory site work being performed during this period.

    Phase II

    In 2019, Howard University’s master development team, FLGA ZOM, LLC, will begin the formal process of overseeing the re-imagination and planning of the East Campus site. This will take several months to complete and will incorporate the input of key stakeholders, including the surrounding neighbors and the Howard University community.

    During this Phase, the team will work in concert with the university’s chosen architecture firm to conceptualize the future use of the site. Throughout this process, the redevelopment team will solicit stakeholder feedback to ensure that future plans are consistent and inclusive of the interests of the affected communities.